Monday, 25 January 2016

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Zuwit Aluminum Floor Holder

see more here Made from lightweight aluminium, the stand is convenient and portable so can be easily moved around your home or workplace. With safety in mind, the stand provides a stable triangular-shaped base with long, steady feet. Despite it's lightweight design, the iPad through prolonged use can begin to get heavy. The tablet PC stand has been ingeniously designed to support your tablet at various angles and heights. The stand is simple to use, your iPad/tablet PC safely and securely clips in the adjustable,you can even place it with the your tablet with cover. It is adjustable for landscape or portrait viewing and can be rotated horizontally through 180 degrees and vertically through 80 degrees, allowing you to set your iPad to the perfect angle. The height of the stand be adjusted from 31 cm to 108 cm. So, whether you're watching your favourite movie in bed or writing that all important email from the comfort of the sofa, the iPad Floor Stand can adjust to any situation. - Enjoy the life. View your tablet PC / iPad lying down, or in a bathtub, in an easy chair, in the chaise lounge or hammock outside. - Aluminum alloy material, steady and not rust. Product Dimensions: - Diameter of Base: 14.5cm (5.7 inches) - Length of Main Pipe: 85cm(33.5 inches) - Length of Holder Support Arm: 35cm(13.8 inches) - Length of Base Arm: 47cm(18.5 inches) Color: Red / Silver What's In The Box: 1 x Floor Stand 1 x Holder for iPad 1 x Holder for tablet PC
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